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This policy pays a Death Benefit in the event of accidental death whilst operating an Australian registered aircraft.

Parameter Explanations

Parameter Type Description
product String The product slug: “agilepilotcover”
plan String The identifier of the plan that has been chosen, from the list provided in the product info response. See explanation below of the plan identifiers
name_of_insured String The name of the life to be insured
licence_number String The licence number of the person being insured
next_of_kin_name String The name of the person to contact in an emergency
next_of_kin_phone String The phone number of the person to be contacted
region String The state the business is based in
name String The name of the person responsible for the policy
email String The email address of the person responsible for the policy

Minimum Parameters to get a quote

  "product": "agilepilotcover",
  "plan": "plus_rw_ag"

All Parameters

  "product": "agilepilotcover",
  "plan": "plus_rw_ag",
  "name_of_insured": "Mary Smith",
  "licence_number": "ZZ1234",
  "next_of_kin_name": "Susan Smith",
  "next_of_kin_phone": "0400 000000",
  "name": "Mary Smith",
  "email": "",
  "region": "VIC"

Plan Identifier Explanation

The identifier of the plan is a string made up of three components, separated by an underscore. The first part of the identifier is the level of cover, the second is the type of aircraft flown, and the third is the main type of flying activity.

  • The level options are basic, plus, premium and platinum
  • The wing type options are fw (Fixed Wing Only) and rw (Fixed and Rotor Wing)
  • The activity types are student, private, commercial, and ag (Agriculture)

Each plan returned in the product info response includes information about the cover, the price, and the activity and wing type. For example, the Plus plan for Fixed Wing Only, Agriculture, would be:

  "id": "feb68b1c-94bc-4277-97c0-b7f95ac46808",
  "identifier": "plus_fw_ag",
  "grouping": "plan",
  "label": "Plus",
  "position": 1,
  "data": {
      "usage": "agricultural",
      "benefits": {
          "accidental_death": "$75,000"
      "currency": "AUD",
      "wing_type": "fixed",
      "grand_total": 1395.0,
      "sales_tax_label": "GST",
      "class_of_business": "KG"